Brandy Producer 2019: ABK6

Spirit news

Tue 21 Jan 2020

Founded in 2005, this company owned by Francis Abécassis and run with his daughter Elodie is on a mission to modernise the image of Cognac.

Based in the commune of Claix, just half an hour from the city of Cognac itself, the family-run estate is now one of the largest independent producers in the appellation, with 250 hectares of vines producing high-quality eaux-de-vie de vin.

Each ABK6 bottling represents a single-estate expression. The full range is made up of distinct Cognacs that are based on their origins and have unmistakable character and strength.

ABK6 – an abbreviation of the owner’s name – aims to introduce a young and modern spirit to the traditional drinks market, all while respecting age-old traditions.