Billy Abbott - Spirits Judges' Top Picks

Spirit news

Fri 27 May 2022

Throughout judging, each of our experts will individually score every spirit they sample. This means after we’ve announced our results, we can share the spirits our judges rate the highest.

This week we are delighted to share the spirits which received top markes from Billy Abbott. Billy is a writer and educator specialising in whisky and fine spirits. Formerly a computer programmer in the finance industry, in 2011 he swapped code for actual words, rapidly becoming one of most respected voices in whisky. He recently published a book The Philosophy of Whisky which covers a short history of whisky and how it is drunk today.

After sharing his top picks with Billy, he commented: "Having only tasted these blind, some entries in the list are surprising. I now need to stock up on a few bottles that I wouldn’t otherwise have looked at."

Now to work out which one's he means.

Billy Abbott's Top Picks: