Anne Jones - Spirits Judges' Top Picks

Spirit news

Fri 13 May 2022

Throughout judging, each of our experts will individually score every spirit they sample. This means after we’ve announced our results, we can share the spirits our judges rate the highest.

This week we discover the highest rated spirits from Anne Jones. Anne has worked in the wine and spirits industry since 2008, when she moved into the buying team at Waitrose. She has covered all categories, and has visited, studied and enjoyed extensively - most recently with focus on rum, gin, alcohol-free and baijiu. This year she joined the IWSC for a day's gin judging and having highlighted her top scorers she was delighted to see Crown Jewel included in her top scorers:

"I’ve always loved it since its first incarnation. I wrote my Diploma final essay on it (with Desmond’s help!), I used to be an expert in where to get a CJ martini in Soho, and I still treasure the last of my bottles from its first release. It’s good to know I’m consistent across the years!"

Anne Jones Top Picks: