Tomatin Distillery awarded IWSC’s Scotch Whisky Producer Trophy

IWSC news

Thu 29 Sep 2022

This Highland distillery, just a stone’s throw from Inverness, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. We’re delighted to add to Tomatin’s achievements in 2022 with the IWSC Scotch Whisky Producer Trophy, sponsored by Forsyths.


Founded in 1897, Tomatin Distillery has a long history but, until relatively recent times, it was known more for the quantity of production rather than the quality. In the early 2000s this changed dramatically; many of its stills were decommissioned and its focus changed to small independent bottlings and a carefully considered house range.


The whiskies put forward by Tomatin Distillery this year were nothing short of sensational, with our judges awarding a clutch of 98- and 99-point scores. They described the 99-point Legacy Single Malt as “Fragrant and complex, with a harmonious, lingering finish.” They found the 99-point 1976 Single Malt to be “Seductively round, with delicious aromas of rich linseed and sweet honey, and ripe tropical fruit notes on the palate.”


Today, Tomatin continues to develop its portfolio – but it does so with a strong commitment to the community which has grown up around it. “Whisky production has been central to the way of life in this area,” the team say. “The settlement of Tomatin was formed only as a result of the wealth created by the distillery. We want to ensure its legacy and well-being through the means of good environmental practice.


“Fifty percent of our employees still live on site in the distillery houses, so working at

Tomatin is more than just a job for our employees; it’s a way of life. This in turn is

reflected in the quality of whisky produced; every bottle of whisky we make is distilled

with pride and respect for the environment around us.”


The distillery’s commitment to environmental sustainability is seen in a multitude of changes, from the introduction of biomass fuel to switching their fleet of vehicles to electric. Small steps which add up.


Our warmest congratulations to Tomatin, and thank you to our trophy sponsor Forsyths.