The International Wine & Spirit Competition is now open for entries.

IWSC news

Thu 31 Dec 2015

Enter today for your chance to win a coveted IWSC Award. As well as receiving a marketing kit and full PR support, winning wines and spirits are showcased at international trade events including ProWein, the London Wine Fair (LWF), Vinexpo and Vinitaly as well as IWSC organised events such as the Worshipful Company of Distillers Spirits Tasting and the IWSC Banquet both held in the City of London.

As you can see we have a brand new website.

How does it work?

All individuals create their own account and login with their own details but multiple individuals can be linked to each company. This allows multiple individuals from the same company to login to the same company account to have access to the same entries and results.

Why link my company?

Linking your company will allow you to view past award wins, download the relevant marketing toolkits and buy stickers and artwork. Linking your company keeps all your past competition information in the same place.

How do I do it?

Please register your details here and then please send a link request email to, with the company details in the body of the email, and we will be able to link the accounts for you. You can do this without having to complete any entries for now.

What if I work for a company with lots of brands? Do I need to add them all as companies?

If you work for a PR Agency, Importer or Retailer and are doing all the entries yourself, you can create one company and then add in individual ‘brands’ for your entries. (You can do this in the ‘My Account’ section. Once the brands are created they will appear as a ‘Producer’ option on your entry forms.)
When you complete your order remember to check that your billing address is correct otherwise you may be subject to admin fees.


Give us a call, tell us your situation, and we will guide you through the process! / +44(0)1483 548 963