New RTD Producer Trophy and Low & No Producer Trophy winners announced

IWSC news

Thu 29 Sep 2022

With increasing market share, the IWSC created new trophies recognising the popular RTD and Low & No categories. Discover the winners here.

Low & No is one of the biggest recent success stories for the IWSC, with entries growing year on year since the awards establishment in 2019. 2022 entries for the 1.2% and lower category were up over 225% versus the previous year demonstrating the continuing surge in popularity and relevance for these drinks.

Another area of growth is the IWSC’s RTD and pre-mixed category, which last year saw entries grow by almost 200% versus 2021, making the IWSC the largest RTD awards in the world.

The growing relevance of RTDs and Low & No alcohol drinks, has led to the introduction of new trophies recognising the producers standing out in these categories.

Shortlisted for the inaugural RTD Producer Trophy were BarrelsmithCuratif and Sazerac Company⁠ and this year’s winner was announced at the IWSC’s Awards Dinner is Curatif.

Curatif is a producer of exceptional ready to serve can cocktails and its entrants performed incredibly well in our 2022 awards including Gold medals for its Jacoby's Trader Vic's Mai Tai, Never Never Negroni and Archie Rose Espresso Martini.

The shortlist for the new Low & No Producer Trophy, which is sponsored by BevZero included Beyond Alcohol, Crossip Drinks, Darling Cellars and Thomson & Scott.

Beyond Alcohol was announced as the winner, with the trophy presented by BevZero’s Irem Eren. Another standout performance in the 2022 awards, Beyond Alcohol received gold medals for its Blurred Vines Sharp NV, Three Spirit Livener and Three Spirit Nightcap.

Congratulations to the winners of these new annual awards and thank you to BevZero.