Julian Brind Award nominee: Catherine Monahan

IWSC news

Thu 12 Apr 2018

By Laurel Bibby

Catherine Monahan is the founder of Gigglewater Wine Company, which creates innovative, relevant products with a focus on a millennial and female audience.

The company was founded on the idea of “living a life of balance and having fun”, and Monahan has placed a specific focus on giving back to the environment, charity and communities. Gigglewater donates a percentage of their profits to social charities, and is currently investing in a new environmental project to change the way wines are shipped around the world via an innovative packaging alternative. 

Monahan says: “I believe that the wine industry globally needs to see innovation and change. That means to look outside of wine to see what other non-wine categories are doing, how they are collaborating and how they are giving back to the world”. 

In 2017, Monahan’s Gigglewater Prosecco notably became listed in Waitrose. Sold in a can, the Prosecco is now distributed in over 200 stores, and will be featured in a Wine Formats Showcase in 252 stores this May in a celebration of formats other than the standard 75cl glass bottle.

“I believe that we need to be creating products that aren’t just shouting about themselves – products that are relevant, meaningful, and perfect for new experiences. We believe we should be listening to the consumer first and then going back to retail”, she said.

Judges praised Monahan for her great entrepreneurial spirit, describing her as “one of the most innovative, stimulating and holistic thinkers in the industry”. She has “demonstrated over several years a boundless reserve of enthusiasm and ideas”, they said.


The winner of the Julian Brind Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Achievement in the Wine Industry will be announced at the IWSC Awards Banquet on 14 November.