IWSC launches new design competition

IWSC news

Fri 11 May 2018

By Laurel Bibby

The IWSC is looking for the best bottle design in the world with its new competition celebrating design and media in the wine and spirits industries. 

The IWSC Design & Media Awards (IDMA) will judge innovation, creativity and brand personality of artwork, bottle design and packaging in four unique categories. 

The IDMA categories are:

  1. The Wine Artwork and Bottle Design Awards
  2. The Spirits Artwork and Bottle Design Awards
  3. The Spirits Packaging Awards
  4. The Best Product Print Advertisement

Entries will be judged by award-winning specialists from across the global drinks, design and media industries; bronze, silver and gold medals, as well as a trophy winner, will be awarded for each of the four categories.

The competition is quicker and easier to enter than ever – entrants don’t need to have entered the main tasting competition to participate in the IDMA. From large producers to emerging new brands, regardless of size or reputation, every entry matters – and entrants can enter as many products as they like.*

Everything for the design entries is now online, and entrants simply need to create an account, complete an online form and submit a PDF of their product image. 

It costs £99 per entry to become part of the IDMA, where your brand has the opportunity to be showcased on the world stage.

For more information about entering the IDMA, call our operations team on +44 (0) 1483 548963.

Please note that the IDMA is an associate competition to the IWSC. If you would also like your wines and/or spirits to be tasted and judged, please enter through the main IWSC entry process.

*As of 2019, the entry process for the IDMA has changed. Please visit our IDMA page for more details.