IWSC 2023 Awards Celebration: Trophy Presentation Schedule

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Fri 11 Aug 2023

By Mila Gorchakova

We are looking forward to announcing and awarding our trophy winners at the IWSC 2023 Awards Celebration on 19 October. During this spectacular event at the iconic Roundhouse, London, we will reveal our Producer and Communicator Trophy winners, as well honouring our Business and Emerging Talent winners.

For years, Producer Trophies have been our most prestigious accolade. The shortlisted brands go through a rigorous selection process. These are truly benchmark producers who are chosen by our international judges for the quality and excellence of their drinks, as well as the innovation at the winery or distillery and the company’s ethical, responsible & sustainable practices.

This year, in pace with the constantly evolving, dynamic drinks industry, we have introduced several new Producer Trophies - Fruit Spirit, Low & No Wine, Low & No Spirit and Mixer Producer Trophies. These drinks categories have been showing consistent growth in quality and number of entries year-on-year and we are thrilled to be awarding several outstanding brands with their well-deserved accolades.

All brands shortlisted for Producer Trophies and attending our Awards Celebration will be presented with a certificate. This will be followed by the announcement of the winners of each trophy who will be invited on stage to receive their awards.

At the start of the evening, we will be thrilled to present our Business Awards winners with their well-deserved awards, recognising their excellence in importing, selling and distributing high-quality drinks.

We are also looking forward to awarding our Emerging Talent winners, celebrating new and exciting talent in the wine, spirit and hospitality industries.  

Last but not least, we will be announcing our 2024 Wine and Spirits Communicator Trophy winners, who will also be invited on stage to receive their prestigious awards. Each year, these special accolades are presented to exceptional communicators who are making a great contribution to educating consumers and promoting wine and spirits.

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2023 IWSC Trophy presentation schedule

IWSC 2023 Emerging Talent Trophies

IWSC 2023 Business Awards

IWSC 2023 Agave Producer Trophy, sponsored by Spirits Kiosk

IWSC 2023 Brandy Producer Trophy, sponsored by Talis

IWSC 2023 Fruit Spirit Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 International Gin Producer Trophy, sponsored by The Gin Guild

IWSC 2023 UK Gin Producer Trophy, sponsored by The Gin Guild

IWSC 2023 Rum Producer Trophy, sponsored by Reflex Label Plus

IWSC 2023 Baijiu Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Shochu Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Vodka Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Worldwide Whiskey Producer Trophy, sponsored by Labrenta

IWSC 2023 Scotch Whisky Producer Trophy, sponsored by Forsyths

IWSC 2023 Green Spirit Initiative Trophy, sponsored by Berlin Packaging

IWSC 2023 Red Wine Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 White Wine Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Sparkling Wine Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Sweet/Fortified Wine Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Green Wine Initiative Trophy

IWSC 2023 Old Vine Trophy, in partnership with The Old Vine Conference

IWSC 2023 Low & No Wine Producer Trophy, sponsored by BevZero

IWSC 2023 Low & No Spirit Producer Trophy, sponsored by BevZero

IWSC 2023 RTD Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Mixer Producer Trophy

IWSC 2023 Outstanding Spirits Producer Trophy, sponsored by Forsyths

IWSC 2023 Outstanding Wine Producer Trophy, sponsored by Encirc

IWSC 2024 Wine Communicator Trophy, sponsored by Vinitaly

IWSC 2024 Spirits Communicator Trophy, sponsored by Chivas Brothers