Emerging Talent in Wine Hospitality 2023 shortlist

IWSC news

Tue 14 Feb 2023

The IWSC’s 2023 Emerging Talent in Wine Hospitality award is sponsored by Pasqua.

The IWSC’s Emerging Talent in Hospitality award aims to recognise the dedication and innovation of an individual in the hospitality industry towards helping it maintain fantastic customer service, looking after the employees within, sharing their knowledge and passion with colleagues and clients and bringing the highest standards of service. Entries for this category doubled this year, making the decision for who should be shortlisted even harder than last year.

The judging panel comprised the IWSC’s Christelle Guibert together with Salvatore CastanoMatteo Montone MS, Nina Basset and Roger Jones. Riccardo Pasqua from our sponsor, Pasqua also joined the judging panel.

The judges were looking for someone who demonstrates a real dedication and passion within their role, but entrants who were also giving something back to the industry, adding to the role of a traditional sommelier.

Following the completion of judging, the IWSC is delighted to announce its 2023 shortlist:


Agnieszka Swiecka

Agnieszka is Head of Wine for the Mount St Restaurant and the Audley Public House by Artfarm and in 2022 she was awarded with second place at Taittinger UK Sommelier of the Year competition. Judges praised her remarkable resume and loved her idea of dedicating the prize funds to the development and education of more junior members of the team. Her attention to detail was hailed and there was a recognition for the work she’s put in over the past couple of years as part of the Artfarm group’s new openings roll out.


Greg Turner-Deeks

Head of Wine at The Pig Hotels, the focus Greg puts on mentorship of his team comes up clearly and strong in his entry. He now manages 30 other sommeliers across the group which is on a mission to develop the most dynamic and engaging wine offering in the UK and be considered the greatest employer for those looking to start a career in the wine trade. From Greg’s entry his enthusiasm and passion for his role and the development of his team appears contagious and our judges were left in no doubt of the role Greg plays supporting junior members of his team launching their career in wine. He is a qualified WSET L2 and 3 nominated educator, enabling The Pig Hotel group to teach WSET qualifications internally. Not content with keeping himself busy at work, Greg has also begun the process of writing a book on food and wine matching – part travelogue, part recipe book, part wine guide – we look forward to hearing more.


Melania Battison

Head Sommelier at Medlar Restaurant, it is clear from her jam-packed entry that while Melania is dedicated to her role, she does a lot on the side. Described as “an incredible talent” the judges were impressed by the work she carries out on behalf of the wider hospitality industry, including recently completing her Coaching Diploma at Cambridge University. She is also committed to sharing the joy of wine beyond the trade, with a busy and active social media presence, where she shares educational videos that are informative and fun.


Philipp Reinstaller

Shortlisted for last year’s award and another worthy shortlister for this year award is Trivet Restaurant’s Head Sommelier, Philipp. A year focussing on competitions for himself as well as the wine list at the Michelin Starred Trivet has really paid off. 2022 has seen Philipp be recognised as Winner of the London Regional Final in the UK Sommelier of the Year 2022 competition and Trivet receive acclaim form its wine list from Star Wine List awards and Wine List Confidential as the winner of Most Original Wine List, as well as a winner in the UK Best Restaurants Wine List category.


Yoann Camail

Head of Wine for the Walcot Group, Yoann was a popular entrant across our judging panel. Clearly a very strong sense of camaraderie across the team, any wines being tasted for the menu are tasted across the whole team so there is buy in from everyone in the restaurant team and every member can get behind it. A strong advocate for investing in the team, passionate about sharing his knowledge and bringing a sense of fun, our judges appreciated how Yoann didn’t take himself or his role too seriously.


We want to wish all our shortlisted entrants the best of luck. The winner for the IWSC Emerging Talent in Wine Hospitality Award will be announced on Tuesday 21 February.