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Wed 6 Jan 2021

The range of spirits available now is staggering. Thirty years ago, you had a relatively limited choice, but now all manner of ingredients and techniques are being used to create artisanal spirits that offer new, exciting flavours. One area that demonstrates this admirably is the low-and-no-alcohol category. The 'Dry January' campaign has played its part in this to some extent, and as demand has risen from consumers for low/no alcohol products, so has quality and innovation in the category.

So, what’s hot in the low-and-no spirits world right now? Capitalising on the continuing gin trend, London-based Hayman’s Distillers had an ingenious idea. By dialling up the botanical concentration in a full-strength 43% gin, it created Hayman’s Small Gin, complete with its own thimble measure. It only needs to be mixed 1:20 parts with tonic water to deliver the same refreshing flavours of a standard G&T, at just 0.2% ABV. Judges found it an ’elegant and refreshing example’ and awarded it a Gold Outstanding medal, with a score of 98 points.

Sydney-based Lyre’s was another producer that caught the eye at this year’s IWSC low-and-no spirits judging, taking home a trophy for its Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit. Judges were wowed, finding it “well-crafted and decadent”, lavishing praise on its “superbly authentic amaretto character with clean, focused notes of sweet almonds, marzipan and a light touch of coffee”.

Scroll down to discover the no-and-low spirits that will deliver on flavour, whether you’re on the wagon or not.

Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-1.png

A superbly authentic amaretto character with clean, focused notes of sweet almonds, marzipan and a light touch of coffee. There is great flavour intensity and weight on the palate. A well-crafted and decadent example. 0%

Hayman's Small Giniwsc-top-low-no-spirit-2.png
Hayman Distillers

To be mixed with tonic. A clean juniper-focused character with supporting notes of pine, wood and bright citrus. The flavours are pronounced and classically London Dry in style, mixing exceptionally well with tonic. An elegant and refined example. 43%

American Malt Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-3.png

An aromatic offering with oak, vanilla and floral notes on the nose leading to a balanced fruity palate with a delicious buttery mouthfeel. The rich composition is lifted with bright strokes of tea and apple, providing complexity. Excellent. 0%

Citrus Non-Alcohol Gin & Toniciwsc-top-low-no-spirit-4.png
Skånska Spritfabriken

A bright and lifted preserved-citrus character with pronounced supporting juniper notes. The palate is refreshing with a good mouthfeel and bittersweet balance of flavours. An authentic and lively example. 0%

Sipling Moscow Mule Alcohol Free Cocktailiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-5.png
Savyll Beverage Company

A lovely spiced ginger profile, complimented by light aromas of aniseed and zingy, lifted notes of citrus and herbs on the palate. Well rounded with rich complexity with a comforting, attractive heat. 0.2%

Coffee Originale Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-6.png

Generous aromas of sweet brewed coffee and chocolate leading to a refreshing and flavoursome palate with lifted citrus notes. Hints of caramel make this a delectable treat. 0%

Italian Spritz Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-7.png

Intense herbal and sweet candied citrus fruit character with a dominant orange flavour. The palate is well-balanced and spritzy with a refreshing, bittersweet finish. 0%

Pink Grapefruit Hard Seltzeriwsc-top-low-no-spirit-8.png
58 Gin

Zesty and elegant with a balance of orchard fruit, grapefruit and orange notes. The palate is refreshing and light, with a crisp, dry finish. 4%

Amplify Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-9.png
Intercontinental Brands

A creamy, buttery nose with a hint of candied orange. The palate is briming with refreshing grapefruit and citrus flavours, warmed by a hint of ginger. Balanced and intense. 0%

Aperitif Rosso Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-10.png

A sweet creamy nose with cooked apple, pear and wormwood aromas. The palate is complex and delicately sweet with balanced herbal and fruit flavours. 0%

Everleaf Non-Alcoholic Aperitifiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-11.png
London Botanical Drinks

A bright example with an intense dried orange character. The palate is lively and flavoursome, rounded by nutty notes and well balanced. 0.4%

Sipling Spiced Rum & Cola Alcohol Free Cocktailiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-12.png
Savyll Beverage Company

A vanilla-focused profile with spicy wood elements. The sweet palate is well-balanced with good intensity. The perfect aperitivo. 0.4%

Bloom With A Hint Of Elderflower Low Alcoholiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-13.png
Quintessential Brands

Tropical notes of passion fruit, pineapple and guava lead the aroma profile, making way for soft tangerine and fresh grapefruit flavours on the palate. Clean and light-bodied. 0.5%

Casual Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-14.png

Evocative and earthy with pine-forest aromas. The palate is green and spicy with lifted floral, citrus and juniper notes. Refreshing, expressive and balanced. 15%

Flâneur Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-15.png
Lahhentagge OÜ

An enticing cardamon, clove and menthol aroma profile with warm ginger notes. The palate is earthy, savoury and complex with floral and cedar undertones. 0%

Greyson's Pink Gin & Tonic Caniwsc-top-low-no-spirit-16.png
Peter Mertes

A soft, bright nose of rhubarb, rose and raspberry with sweet berry notes on the palate. Good flavour intensity and balance. 5%

Juniper & Inca Berry Non-Alcoholic Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-17.png
Caleño Drinks

Exotic with aromas of hibiscus and mango. The sweet melon-focused palate is supported by fresh citrus and light floral notes. Juicy and characterful. 0%

Sipling Old Cuban Alcohol Free Cocktailiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-18.png
Savyll Beverage Company

Rich banoffee aromas with hints of Christmas spices, orange and a touch of menthol on the palate. Rounded and flavoursome with good complexity. 0.4%

The Stillery's Virgin No Alcohol Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-19.png
The Stillery

Rich and honeyed with a mead-like character. Pleasant freshly brewed tea aromas with a touch of sweet stone fruit on the palate. Elegant and understated. 0%

The Tale Of Oolong Low Alcohol Spiritiwsc-top-low-no-spirit-20.png

A smoke, leather and incense character with spicy cinnamon aromas and tea undertones. Luscious and complex with good flavour intensity. 11%