High quality cocktails awarded in the IWSC’s RTD & premixed judging

Alternative drinks

Thu 14 Jul 2022

Following last week’s judging, the IWSC has announced the results of its RTD and pre-mixed cocktail judging. There appears to be no slowing down for this ‘on the move’ cocktail category.

Entries for 2022 versus the previous year were up 110%, with 26 entrants awarded a gold medal, 54 entrants awarded a silver medal, and 110 entrants awarded a bronze medal. A trophy was awarded to one of the highest scoring gold medal winners.

No/Low and Lighter Alcohol drinks were also included in this category this year, with four Low Alcohol (under 1.2%) RTDs being awarded a medal.

Shannon Tebay, who headed the judging panel for the RTD and pre-mixed judging was incredibly impressed by this year’s entrants:

“Probably something that caught me off guard in a wonderful way, was the number of high-quality RTD’s we tasted. Generally speaking, RTD’s are a relatively new drinks category and tasting so many, that ended up performing very, very well is indicative of the fact that this category is here to stay. People are really putting a lot of thought and effort into RTD’s, thinking about how to give consumers a high-quality cocktail in a way that they can have at home or on the move.”

RTD Trophy

  • Wat Apple Pie Cocktail, Yibeiqi, Taiwan

Gold medal winners:

  • Americano, The Everleigh Bottling Co., Australia (7.1%)
  • Archie Rose Espresso Martini, Curatif, Australia (16.4%)
  • Barrelsmith Negroni, Barrel Crafted Cocktails, USA (30%)
  • Bloody Mary, Edmunds Cocktails, UK (7%)
  • Chipper's Cherry Wood Old Fashioned, Whitebox Drinks, UK (32.2%)
  • Grapefruit Tequila Paloma, Cutwater Spirits , USA (7%)
  • Heublein 1792 Manhattan, Sazerac Company, USA (35%)
  • Heublein Wheatley Dirty Martini, Sazerac Company, USA (27.5%)
  • Jacoby's Trader Vic's Mai Tai, Curatif, Australia (19%)
  • Lime Ranch Water, Cutwater Spirits , USA (5.9%)
  • Mix Up Gin And Tonic, Kingsland Drinks, UK (4%)
  • Mix Up Vodka Lemonade And Lime, Kingsland Drinks,UK (4%)
  • Never Never Negroni, Curatif, Australia (18.8%)
  • Panther M*lk Alcoholic Oat M*lk, Dark Art Drinks, UK (15%)
  • Pocket Negroni, Whitebox Drinks, UK (21.8%)
  • Ron Rumbero Cuban Rum & Cola, Bimmerle Private Distillery, Germany (10%)
  • Stubs Mule, Endless West, USA (25%)
  • The Perfect Cosmo By Sjp, Thomas Ashbourne, USA (20%)
  • Vodka Soda Cucumber & Mint (3%), Gradient Beverages Corp., Canada (3%)
  • Wat Apple Pie Cocktail, Yibeiqi, Taiwan (17.5%)
  • Wat Apricot Plum Tea Cocktail, Yibeiqi, Taiwan (12%)
  • White Russian, Cutwater Spirits , USA (14%)

No/Low Alcohol gold medal winners:

  • Bellini Alcohol Free Cocktail, Savyll Beverage Company, UK (0.4%)
  • Lemoncello Italian Aperitif, Straight & Narrow Drinks, UK (0.2%)
  • Non-Alcoholic Canadian Rye Spirit Dry & Lime, Naked Life Spirits, Australia (0.4%)
  • Spiced Tomato Mix With Pickle Juice, The Pickle House, UK (0%)


For a full list of the IWSC’s 2022 winners, visit here on our website.