IWSC shares medal results following its lighter alcohol judging

Alternative drinks

Thu 14 Jul 2022

Championing the world’s best drinks since 1969, recent years have seen the IWSC diversify from an awards body focused solely on wine and spirits, to one encompassing the increasing variety available to consumers.

With its Low/No Alcohol (under 1.2%) category growing by over 200% in the past year, the Lighter Alcohol awards category has seen similar growth, almost doubling in entrants over the past year (186%), highlighting the demand for lighter alcohol alternatives to what are perceived as traditional wines, beers and spirits.

4 gold medals were awarded to entrants for this category as well as 15 silver medals and 22 bronze medals.

Gold medal winners:

  • Pg84 Chocolate Gin Cream Liqueur, Picogrammo by Liberti Group, Italy (17%)
  • Velvetised Chocolate Cream Espresso Martini, Hotel Chocolat, United Kingdom (12%)
  • Wat Shiso Plum Green Tea Sparkling Cocktail, Yibeiqi, Taiwan (4%)
  • Yuzushu, Umenoyado Brewery, Japan (8%)


For a full list of the IWSC’s 2022 winners, visit here on our website.