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Shipping/bottle collection

Shipping/bottle collection

International wine &
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Entry & shipping deadlines

Coronavirus - information for entrants and judges

In response to the current global situation, we at IWSC have been actively adjusting and working to develop the best way to put both our customers, experts and team first. Find out more.

 Region/entry category
Entry deadline
Consolidated shipping deadline (Hellmanns)
Delivery deadline
Wines from the Northern Hemisphere (not including China, Japan, Taiwan & Hong KongEntry deadline extended - we are still taking entriesShipping deadline extended - please enter as normalShipping deadline extended - please enter as normal
Spirits (not including South Africa)1 May1 April14 May
Wines and spirits from South Africa2 JulyN/A16-17 July
Low and no alcohol18 August1 April4 September
Vermouth18 August1 April4 September
Wines from the Southern Hemisphere, plus China, Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong.18 August18 August4 September
Sake18 August18 August4 September

If you have any questions about the deadlines, get in touch by emailing info@iwsc.net and we can help you.

Note: Group shipping is only available for some countries, visit our shipping page for details.

Shipping wine or spirits to South Africa?

  • All South Africa entries for 2020 (two bottles for wine, two bottles for spirits and vermouth) must be sent to Vineyard Hotel, Colinton Road, Newlands, 7700, Cape Town, South Africa. Deliveries need to be made to the venue between 16-17 July 2020.
  • Please clearly mark all boxes as IWSC Competition, Vineyard Hotel Conference Centre.
  • However, we will also have a panel in the UK tasting wines from South Africa, to judge wines that are already in the UK.

Find out more about entering from South Africa