Entry fees

How much does it cost to enter the IWSC?

  • Each wine or spirit submitted online costs £149/entry + VAT
  • Entries via post or email cost £179/entry + VAT
  • Enter our Design Awards or Spirit & Mixer Awards for an extra £75 per category

What are the shipping costs?

Entrants can save money by making use of our group shipping offer. Simply ship your samples to your local Hellmann Beverage Logistics depot and they will deliver the bottles to us. The price below covers all duty.

  • Wine, Vermouth, Sake, Cider, Low/No: £55 per entry
  • Spirits: £87 per entry

If you choose not to make use of our group shipping offer or miss the deadline, you're welcome to make your own shipping arrangements.

Check the shipping deadlines here

Why the IWSC?

" Wine awards are super important. You’re judged at a similar level to other wines and to come out on top means that people trust what you’re doing. "

Tamara Roberts  /  Ridgeview Wine Estate, UK  /  IWSC President 2020

" IWSC is the most relevant wine award in the world. This is the only one we enter, to measure ourselves against our peers in the industry. "

Abrie Beeslaar  /  Kanonkop, South Africa  /  Outstanding Wine Producer 2019

" The response to our award from gin drinkers in Finland and further beyond was fantastic, and our sales over the years have grown over five-fold. "

Miika Lipiäinen  /  Kyrö Distillery, Finland  /  Gold and silver medals 2019

" IWSC not only heavily influences our buying decisions, but makes decisions easier. If you’ve tried a good wine, of course you’re going to buy it. "

Stefan Neumann MS  /  Dinner by Heston Blumenthal  /  Judge

" I like the breadth that IWSC offers. No longer are we just focusing on the major players, we’re looking at new regions where wine can be great. "

Madeline Puckette  /  Wine Folly, USA  /  Wine Communicator 2019