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Entry & Shipping Deadlines 2017 (Competition Now Closed)

Northern Hemisphere (Wine)

CountryGroup Shipping DeadlineFinal Entry & Delivery Deadline
Japan 2nd March 2nd March
Greece & Cyprus 17th February 3rd March
India &Thailand n/a 6th March
Portugal 28th February 10th March
Israel, Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon n/a 15th March
Eastern Europe & Russia 10th March 16th March
Canada & USA 15th March 18th March
Germany, Austria & Switzerland 16th March 5th April
England n/a 6th April
Spain 5th May 5th May
Italy n/a 5th May
France n/a 5th May
Mexico n/a 27th July
China n/a 1st September

Southern Hemisphere (Wine)

CountryGroup Shipping DeadlineFinal Entry & Delivery Deadline
South Africa For South Africa wine shipping information, please see the end of the shipping page. 13th July
Argentina For Argentina wine shipping information, please see the end of this page. 10th August
South America 10th August 10th August
Australia 27th July 18th August
New Zealand n/a 5th September

Spirits (See below for extended deadlines)

CountryGroup Shipping DeadlineFinal Entry & Delivery Deadline
Spirits n/a 26th May
Japan 14th February 26th May
Italy 7th April 26th May
Canada & USA 24th February 26th May
Germany & Austria 16th March 26th May
France 22nd March 26th May
Portugal 28th February 26th May
Spain 3rd March 26th May
Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romaina 14th February 26th May
Extended Spirits Deadline for Gin, Rum, Sake, Shochu / Soju, Tequila / Mezcal, and Vodka n/a 9th June
Extended Spirits Deadline for Absinthe, Aquavit, Armagnac, Asian Spirits, Bitters, Brandy, Calvados, Cocktails, Cognac, Fruit Spirits, Grain Spirits, Liqueurs, Miscellaneous Spirits, Pisco and Scotch n/a 9th June

Our New Extended Spirits Entry Deadlines are exclusive to each spirit catergory listed for each respective date. However, these new extended deadlines are not exclusive to a particular country, meaning all entries are welcome regardless of location. These Extended Deadlines do not apply for Whiskey or Scotch entries. 

Click here for more information on our Spirits Categories

Final Entry & Delivery deadline is when entries need to arrive at the Competition Cellars, if not being sent via a partner.

Shipping wine to South Africa?
All South Africa Wine entries must be sent to Paarl at the address on the shipping page from 5th July to 12th July. The deadline for online entries is July 12th.

For Argentina wine shipping information, please download this PDF. Please note the shipping deadline for Argentina is 3rd July.

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