International wine &
spirit competition

Stickers & Artwork

Stickers & Artwork

Promote your medal win and drive sales by purchasing high resolution medal artwork and bottle stickers.

The IWSC takes great pride in helping winners market their success. Whether you’re a producer, distributor or retailer, we can help you shout about the awards you’ve won.

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Official Artwork

In the fiercely competitive drinks market, IWSC medals are globally recognised by consumers as a mark of high quality.

The medals can be added to your marketing collateral - including social media posts, websites, adverts and even packaging - to ensure customers know they are buying one of the best wines or spirits in the world.

We offer free standard resolution artwork to all winners but you can also purchase high resolution digital artwork by logging into your account.

Bottle stickers

Make sure your products stand out on the shelf with official IWSC bottle stickers.

With so many wines and spirits to choose from, consumers know that products with an IWSC medal sticker on is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Winners can purchase rolls of stickers by logging into their account.