Nikos Fradelos


Panel Judge

Nikos fell in love with wine during a leisure trip in Tuscan in 2014, so there is no wonder why he has a great collection of Italian Wine beauties and also visited again recently during his honeymoon.

During 2016, he attended for three months a seminar for “winelovers” hosted by Ted Lelekas, Moët Hennessy Brand Ambassador for Central & Southern Europe / Vice-President of the International Federation of Wine & Spirits Journalists and Writers (FIJEV), where basic technics of winemaking and principles of wine tasting and food pairing where presented.

In 2019, after another eight months course, Nikos got his Diploma as Certified Sommelier, by Genius in Gastromony(Certified by Staregister, Certification Body for Professionals and Training Courses Providers, member of the IPC), where he succeed in the exams on basic viticulture technics, winemaking, terroir, wine tasting in world wine regions, food pairing, wine cellar management and wine sales and service.

The past years, Nikos has attended several masterclasses hosted my Masters of Wine in Athens and he is present to all major wine exhibitions and wine fairs in Greece, like Oenorama, Vorina, Cellier, Wines of Crete, Wines of Cyclades etc.
Apart from that, his approach to wine goes beyond wine tastings, as he regularly travels around Greece and Italy, visiting vineyards, connecting with the wine makers in person. His next wine adventure will be in May 2019, in Bordeaux.
He constantly discovers new wine regions and styles, trying to improve his wine-tasting skills and eager to expand his wine experience and knowledge.

You can reach him in Instagram (#WineVirtue), Vivino and email at

Nikos Fradelos