Julie Dupouy


Panel Judge

Julie was born in the South West of France, in the city of Agen.

She comes from a background where cooking and sharing family meals together is an everyday occurrence.

"I think my passion for good food comes from my grandmother, on my father’s side. She was a primary school teacher and a very good cook. She would never, or very rarely cook the same recipe twice. She cooked instinctively, using her senses and experience. I have particularly fond memories of her kitchen wallpaper, it was graph paper in style and was covered in handwritten recipes with dishes that she liked.

"From a very young age I was also passionate about perfumes and one of the most memorable presents I ever received from my parents was a perfumer kit to create my own combination of aromas.

"The very first significant memory of wine is from my 16th birthday. My Granddad had opened a special bottle of wine from the year of my birth. I remember being very excited by the idea of it and I decided to start reading about wine to try to understand it better.

"A few months later, I told my parents that I wanted to become a sommelier..."

Sarah has been in living in Ireland since 2004. I have been lucky and worked in some great restaurants, including Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, The Greenhouse and I have recently joined the team at Chapter One Restaurant as sommelier-consultant. In 2016, I finished 3rd at the ASI World Sommelier Championship representing Ireland and the Irish Guild of Sommeliers.

"My hope is to inspire others and to give them a little of the inspiration I was fortunate to have in my early life with a view to opening the window for people into the beautiful world of wine and sensory pleasure."

Julie Dupouy