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Celia Gilloway

Celia Gilloway

Wine Brand Ambassador (South Africa)


Two decades in the industry has given Celia Gilloway access and insight to various facets of the South African wine industry.

Having first got her feet wet at WINE magazine where she started out doing departmental administration and eventually took over the monthly tastings as well as running all the various competitions, Celia went on to Classic Wine magazine.

Anyone in the wine industry can attest to the attention to detail she brought to bear on chasing down producers for competition entries and extended that to ensuring that every WINE magazine tasting and function went off smoothly, be it the Chenin Blanc Challenge or the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year awards. Even down to the flower arrangements.

Logistics and administration are her strong suit. There’s nothing she can’t keep track of with an Excel spreadsheet! These skills stood her in good stead when running the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show back end for Michael Fridjhon – and also came into play when she joined Panniers wine distribution when Classic Wine magazine shut its doors.

Celia is highly regarded for her work ethic and application, attention to detail and sheet grit. She has maintained an up-to-date industry contact list and is never happier than when she has a few balls juggling in the air. It might be organising a function and liaising with chefs, venue, printer and photographer – or chasing down wine samples and entry details for a wine competition or the Platter Guide. When Celia is on the case, it’ll get done! (And she takes no prisoners either...)